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Keep calm and ride a scooter

June 13, 2017
by Carson

Tribune Bay Camp

Hey! Did you know the Tribune Bay Out Door Education Center has about 3000 kids there every year! I didn’t. My Class went there and it was SO awesome, we did so many cool things and learned a lot. We all learned some really good life lessons too. Here are some good lessons life lessons you should hear.

Be Respectful, I know it seems like an obvious one but it’s very true. At camp being respectful is a very important thing, one example was when we were waiting for our food, the nicest and quietest table gets food first, to be honest my table never went first but after the first few eating times we smartened up. Also in the cabins and dorms, everyone had to be respectful of each other and be quiet so everyone could get a goodnight sleep, it sometimes got a bit rowdy in the cabins because there was like 15 kids in one but the cabanas were mostly calm. Even on the climbing activity’s respect was a big one because you have to respect your leader and first person had to be listening to the instructor or they could not go first or not go at all, because it might not be same if they didn’t listen.

Teamwork, teamwork was a huge part of camp, I’d say just about every activity involved team work, especially “Giants Ladder”. Giants Ladder is almost impossible for a 12 year old by them self but with 2 of them they can push and pull each and other to the top at a pretty good speed. I did not make it to the top but I know lots of kids did, I also know they had great teamwork between them. Some activates like the “Leap of Faith” or “Possum Log” you would really think they use teamwork, but guess what? They do! The crew holding the belay rope uses lots of teamwork, also cheering from your team is also teamwork!

Trust, trust was also a big one in camp because you have to trust the people holding the rope your belayed on, as well as you need to know and trust that your equipment will hold you because its all in your head. Sometimes forgot I was on belay then I remembered it was all in my head. The teachers need to trust that you will behave well at camp and they trust we will behave in our cabins and at eating time and pretty much the whole time were at camp you get my point.

Overall I had a really amazing time at camp, my favorite thing at camp was the climbing activities and the food. I also really liked the campfires songs, especially “SAVE ME BABOSHKA” that was my favorite song. I think we all will remember camp for many many years! Thanks for reading.


April 25, 2017
by Carson

My Geo Bunny

Hello readers!

This is my geo bunny, it’s a bunny I made for easter that is made of geometric shapes. Everyone in my class made one, every bunny has a story. My bunny is a pro scooter rider with my friend Lane’s bunny, they own the Cadbury farm and get unlimited chocolate! My bunny is also a pro flipper, a flipper is a person that does flips on trampolines and more. I like to do flips myself and yesterday I learned a backflip off a sand ledge and I also sideflipped down a sand hill. I will probably make a whole post about flips soon so stay tuned. Anyway I was originally gonna make my bunny the Energizer bunny but I had limited time so I made him a normal bunny instead.

Thanks for reading!


April 4, 2017
by Carson
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New Tricks!

Hi everybody!

Today I am doing my favorite kind of post, a scooter post!

I will be talking about some new tricks I have learned since my last scooter post. If you didn’t already know scootering is one of my favorite things to do.

There are really only two types of scooter riding, street and park. I like to ride both but my opinion is street riding is more fun. Street riding does not always mean riding the streets, street can also be at the park. Grinding rails, doing fullwhips and rotarwhips at the skatepark is considered street riding. Park riding you never grind rails and you mostly ride the bowl and do flyout tricks such as kickless’s, inwards and flips. In the bowl you do air tricks like buttercups, briflips and flairs.


So the new tricks I learned are, fullwhips out of a bank and flat, this is a street trick. Kickless which is a park trick that is done a lot by Kota a two time world champion scooter rider. The third trick is grinding the flat bar rail at my local park, the grind I did on the rail was a front board, only scooter riders understand all the tricks and grinds. So if you have no idea what I mean when I say ” kickless flyout ” it’s ok.


Anyway thanks for reading if you want more scooter posts comment below also comment a new trick I should learn! see you next time, Goodbye!



March 14, 2017
by Carson

ABC’s of ME!


Schul ABC 263/366
Creative Commons License Dennis Skley via Compfight

Hello readers!

Today I am doing a poem/writing thing so we put one word for every letter of the alphabet the represents me! Hope you enjoy!

I’ve lived in America for 6 months when I was around 1 year old. I used to play rep Baseball when I was in grade 5. My name is Carson. It comes from Scottish culture. I’m too short to slam Dunk. I’ve seen Elephants in Florida. I hate Grape juice. I play Hockey. I hate being Ill (who doesn’t) , when I’m ill I drink Juice like Gatorade and if I’m ill I’m not to Kind. Lazy Town is a funny Meme. I used to like Nerf a lot. I have been to Orlando lots. I have a Planner I write in every day and the Queen of Smarthlandia tells us what to write. I Ride a Scooter and do Tricks and I get more air than Space Unicorn when I hit the Vert ramp. Today is Wednesday,  my dudes. I don’t watch Disney XD. I sent it off jumps cause YOLO.   Zombie shows are awesome.

Hope you liked my post,

Thanks for reading!


March 8, 2017
by Carson

Lego Cupid Trap

Hello readers! HAPPY 2017!!! It’s been awhile since my last blog post, So today we will be talking about my lego cupid trap.

Valentine’s day is probably over now but on Valentine’s day we made traps to catch Valentino Cupid as you can see in the picture above. Everyone in our class made one, we all made them out of lego bricks. I like lego but I used to love lego now I don’t use lego that much, but I do use it to make stop motion animation once in awhile. Stop motion animation is when you take lots of pictures and make a video and lots of people use lego people, some people use clay but lego is easier because you don’t have to make the people.

Any way I have a question for you! What is the happiest animal on earth? Share your answer is the comments below!

Thanks for reading see you next time!



December 8, 2016
by Carson



SkiStar via Compfight

Hello readers

Since it is winter I will be talking about one of my winter hobbies…


I like to downhill ski, I went skiing for the first time when I was 4 when I lived in Nova Scotia but I didn’t ski very much after that, until I moved to BC. I moved to BC when I was 8 and started skiing lots because Mt. Washington is 45 minutes away. I went on my first chair lift when was 8 and I loved it, and I went skiing lots.

When I was 9 I went to whistler blackcomb, It was soo awesome the skiing there was sick! And I got to see the olympic rings at the top of the ski hill. I also got to go to all the cool shops by the hotels up there, and they had a bungee trampoline where you’re strapped in jumping on a trampoline and it was really fun to do flips on it.

I’m not sure what type of skis I have but I know I have salomon ski boots, my favorite ski lift/ski hill is whiskey jack, it goes right up to the  rockstar terrain park. A terrain park is A park where there’s jumps and rails and stuff for skis and snowboards by the way I snowboard to so I might make a post about that soon. Any way the reason they call it the rockstar terrain park is because the jumps are made by the company Rockstar energy, They are really big jumps, there are different size jumps/rails with different difficulties  S=small, for beginners on the park, not for new to skiing people, M medium, not easy not hard, L large, If M is easy then L is on level up, XL extra large, quite hard only the best hit XL, and there might be XXL but I don’t know. I hit S and M, my first time hitting M was scary but fun I went about 10 feet in the air which is about 3 seconds of airtime. I can’t wait to ski and snowboard this winter! I went snowshoeing up on the mountain today there was lots of snow and I think the lifts will be opening soon!

Thanks for reading! Have you ever skied before? snowboarded?



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November 30, 2016
by Carson

Jeffrey the zombie


Hello readers,

This is the story of…

Jeffrey the zombie

Jeffrey is your friendly neighborhood zombie from Clown Town. Well that’s not what the citizens of Clown Town think.  They think all zombies are bad, but that’s just a stereotype. Jeffrey is 12 and his favourite food is hot dogs, but he has never had a hot dog because every time he walks up to the hotdog stand the hot dog guy runs away. You’d think Jeffrey would just take the hot dogs but no Jeffrey would never steal. like I said he is a friendly zombie not a bad zombie.

The Day Jeffrey Tried a Hotdog

One day, Jeffrey was going on a stroll around Clown Town, when he saw a boy, who looked about 12, was selling hot dogs. So he walked over to the hotdog stand, expecting that the boy to run away and scream. But the boy stood there with with a smile on his face.

“Hello,” said the boy.

“Hi,”  Jeffrey said. “Why aren’t you running away, aren’t you scared?”  

“No,” said the boy. “Why would I be scared of you?”

“Because zombies are supposed to be mean and scary,” Jeffery said.

“Well you don’t seem mean,” said the boy.

“I’m not here to be mean or scare you, I’m just here because I would like to buy a hotdog,” Jeffrey said.

The boy handed him a hotdog. “One dollar, please.”

Jeffrey gave the boy his dollar. He started eating is hotdog and said… “THIS IS SO GOOD!” Jeffrey thanked the boy. “What’s your name?” Jeffrey asked.“Carson,” said the boy. “What’s yours?”

“Jeffrey” he said. They became friends.

As the years went by

As the years went by people started to realize that not all zombies were bad, and Jeffrey became well known for being very smart, kind, and friendly. He ran for mayor of Clown Town and, when the ballots were counted, he became the mayor. Everyone, zombie or not, was appreciated in Clown Town.  People from all around the world, especially zombies, heard about this, and soon zombies were appreciated in places they weren’t before.  

And even the bad zombies started to do good, and soon everyone was happy.


Thanks for reading my story about Jeffrey the zombie, Bye!!!


November 16, 2016
by Carson

How many heel taps?


Hello Everyone!

I have a question for you, how many heel taps can you do in one 30 seconds?

Our Inquiry Question:

How many heel taps can you do in 30 seconds, standing up and touching left than right left and right.


We don’t have much equipment, just a timer but if you don’t have hands and feet you cant do it.


We run the timer and you lift up your leg and tap your heel and lift your other leg and tap your other heel and so on, as fast as you can.

Control Standards:

You need to be standing up some what straight lifting each leg at a time and taping each heel as many time as you can in 30 seconds.


I wasn’t here for the first part of the experiment but I would think the average heel taps would be around 60 because you can probability do two heel taps per second.

Our Data:

Our data was… 71,67,67,73,67,67,62,47,36,85,50,69,72,53,53,59 and 56 I think I got 53 it was hard to hop and lift my leg and tap my heel with jeans on, I thought my pants were going to rip

Analysis of Data:

Mean: the mean is all the number added up divided by the amount of numbers there is so in our case the mean is 67

Median: the median is the middle number so in our case the median is 67

Mode: the mode is the number that shows up the most so in our case the mode is 67

Range: To get the range you subtract the biggest number minus the smallest number, in our case the range is 49

Outliers: the outlier(s) are the numbers that are far away from most of the other numbers so in our case the outlier is 36 we will still include the outlier thought

Comparing Predictions:

I was’t here for the first part of this experiment so I didn’t get to compare my prediction so yeah

Well that’s our project! group members: James  Blake and Briana

Proff read by Blake

ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg

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