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(Photographer: Me, that’s my scooter)

Hi readers,

This is my first post that I get to choose the topic of, so today I will be talking about scootering. I have been scootering for a year now. I have learned many tricks over the year. I can do a… Barspin, tailwhip, 360, heelwhip and double tailwhip. My best trick is a fingerwhip which is when you take your feet off the deck, pull it up and spin the deck with your fingers and land with your feet back on the deck.


I scooter with my friend Lane, he is pretty good at scootering too considering he has only been  scootering for about a month now. His best trick is a tailwhip.  

It all started one day after school. Lane,my other scooter friends and I were outside. I had my scooter and I let Lane try a tailwhip on the flat ground. He was really close, so I said, “Hey we should go to the skatepark and Lane can try a tailwhip off a ramp.”

So we went to the skatepark. It took a bit of time but eventually Lane landed it and he realised he liked scootering.

I got a Lucky Crew scooter (the one you see below)for my 11th birthday, Lucky is my favorite brand. I also like other brands like District, Ethic, Apex, Envy, North and Havoc. My favorite rider/riders are the Funk Brothers who are really good at scootering and they make cool vlogs. Their names are Capron and Corey, Capron is the older brother Corey is the younger one and they are sponsored by Apex.

Some other riders that are awesome are… JonMarco Gaydos, Cody Flom and Tanner Fox who are all sponsored by Lucky scooters.


 Well, there you go, all the things about me and scootering! Thanks for reading and see you next post!




  1. I enjoyed reading your first blog story Carson 🙂

  2. hi my name is Garrett and me and my friend mason like to go dirt biking do you like dirt biking?

    what type of scooters do you like I like apex. look up on YouTube Funk bros .

    check me out on edublog

    • Hi Garret, I don’t know much about dirt biking but it sounds cool. I ride a lucky scooter, the image you will see in my scooter post, also in my post I listed some of my favorite scooter riders, the Funk Bros are one of them.

    • bro, i love the Funk Bros!

  3. Hi Carson,
    I really like your post about scootering. It is really cool that lane can already do a tail whip. I also watch the funk bros. I really like their videos like the one where they dress up as dinosaurs and go off ramps.

    • Hello Hudson
      I am glad you like my post about scootering, Did you know the Funk Bros just hit 1,000,000 subscribers! I remember them hitting like 300k in the start of October now there at 1 million! its crazy. I also liked the video where they had the dinosaur costume and did scooter tricks, I like when they fill there trampoline with pillows and stuff or when they go to the trampoline park and do parkour and flips and stuff. Thanks for reading my post!

  4. Hello Carson

    i like scooter’s i find people can do really cool tricks do you watch the Funk Bros on YouTube Cory is pretty good he did a Mcflip look up Mcflip on YouTube. and do you like bottle flipping i can flip a bottle 10 flips in a minute you probable have heard of that amazing they are very good at bottle flipping i consider my self OK at bottle flipping i am not very good with a nomal bottle but i am good with a Gatorade bottle

    • Hey Ethan
      Thanks for reading my post! What is your favorite funk bros video? Mine is probably the pillows one or the ones where they put stuff on their trampoline and jump off their balcony. I like to do backflips to I can do around 20 in a row, I like to use Kirkland water bottles because Gatorade bottles are really big and they’re too easy and they’re kind of cheating.

    • I can do two CAP flips in a row (in a corner lol).

  5. Hi Carson,

    My name’s Olivia and I come from Australia.

    I loved your post about scootering and your creative choice of topic.

    I think you described what tricks you can do really well. I also liked how you named some amazing riders and some amazing brands.

    I liked how you explained how your friend began to like scootering.

    Please come and visit my blog and eave a comment!

    From Olivia 🙂

    • Hello Olivia
      Thanks for reading my post! I chose scootering because its my favorite hobby. I saw your blog thanks so much for putting my post on your blog! I have only been blogging since September so I’m just getting the hang of this. I think it’s cool people from all over the world are checking out my blog, I live is Canada by the way. Do You know who Ryan Williams is? he is a really good scooter rider from Australia and he is on the show Nitro Circus. You should check out my class blog!

  6. Hello Carson!

    I really enjoyed reading your post about how you love scootering!
    I also have a scooter of my own, but I do not think I can do tricks like you.I usually just use it
    because it seemed fun,and it is! After a few years I stopped because I don’t really have the time anymore,
    you are really lucky. Hope you visit my blog as well!

    • Hello Marianne
      Thanks for reading my post, I’ll have to check out your blog. It is cool that you have a scooter to. Any way thanks for reading!

  7. Hey Carson,
    I’ve always thought you started to scooter, before last year but I guess I’m wrong. Anyway I find it enjoyible to watch people do tricks over stuff and you can execute a tailwhip over a curb really nicely.
    Best of luck ~Jack

  8. Hello Carson, my name is Braiden/Luc, I am in Mr. Lister’s classroom in Chilliwack, BC. I was just checking out your classroom blog and came across your blog and your scootering post. I realised all the tricks that you mentioned in your post were tricks I can’t do, like a 360, I CAN’T EVEN DO a 180 LOL! Anyways, you mentioned you can do a fingerwhip, Luc and I have never heard about that trick, maybe you can reply with a Youtube video? Have you ever heard of Tanner Fox? He does sick scooter tricks and videos, here is a link -> It was fun reading your blogpost Carson, please video a fingerwhip for us. Visit our blog please. Byeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • Hello Braiden/Luc
      Thanks for reading my post, I know who Tanner fox is and I’ve been subscribed to him since he had about 100k subscribers. I see that you guys really want to see a finger whip, I already had a video of me doing a finger whip so I put it on youtube and heres the link: if that link does not work try copying it then search it up tell me if you find the video. Once you see that finger whip video you will probably recognize the trick. That finger whip is the second finger whip I ever did, I was very happy when I learned that trick. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the video!!!

  9. Hi Carson
    Your scooter is so MLG -evann

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