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Keep calm and ride a scooter

June 13, 2017
by Carson

Tribune Bay Camp

Hey! Did you know the Tribune Bay Out Door Education Center has about 3000 kids there every year! I didn’t. My Class went there and it was SO awesome, we did so many cool things and learned a lot. We all learned some really good life lessons too. Here are some good lessons life lessons you should hear.

Be Respectful, I know it seems like an obvious one but it’s very true. At camp being respectful is a very important thing, one example was when we were waiting for our food, the nicest and quietest table gets food first, to be honest my table never went first but after the first few eating times we smartened up. Also in the cabins and dorms, everyone had to be respectful of each other and be quiet so everyone could get a goodnight sleep, it sometimes got a bit rowdy in the cabins because there was like 15 kids in one but the cabanas were mostly calm. Even on the climbing activity’s respect was a big one because you have to respect your leader and first person had to be listening to the instructor or they could not go first or not go at all, because it might not be same if they didn’t listen.

Teamwork, teamwork was a huge part of camp, I’d say just about every activity involved team work, especially “Giants Ladder”. Giants Ladder is almost impossible for a 12 year old by them self but with 2 of them they can push and pull each and other to the top at a pretty good speed. I did not make it to the top but I know lots of kids did, I also know they had great teamwork between them. Some activates like the “Leap of Faith” or “Possum Log” you would really think they use teamwork, but guess what? They do! The crew holding the belay rope uses lots of teamwork, also cheering from your team is also teamwork!

Trust, trust was also a big one in camp because you have to trust the people holding the rope your belayed on, as well as you need to know and trust that your equipment will hold you because its all in your head. Sometimes forgot I was on belay then I remembered it was all in my head. The teachers need to trust that you will behave well at camp and they trust we will behave in our cabins and at eating time and pretty much the whole time were at camp you get my point.

Overall I had a really amazing time at camp, my favorite thing at camp was the climbing activities and the food. I also really liked the campfires songs, especially “SAVE ME BABOSHKA” that was my favorite song. I think we all will remember camp for many many years! Thanks for reading.


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