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Hello readers!

Today I am doing a poem/writing thing so we put one word for every letter of the alphabet the represents me! Hope you enjoy!

I’ve lived in America for 6 months when I was around 1 year old. I used to play rep Baseball when I was in grade 5. My name is Carson. It comes from Scottish culture. I’m too short to slam Dunk. I’ve seen Elephants in Florida. I hate Grape juice. I play Hockey. I hate being Ill (who doesn’t) , when I’m ill I drink Juice like Gatorade and if I’m ill I’m not to Kind. Lazy Town is a funny Meme. I used to like Nerf a lot. I have been to Orlando lots. I have a Planner I write in every day and the Queen of Smarthlandia tells us what to write. I Ride a Scooter and do Tricks and I get more air than Space Unicorn when I hit the Vert ramp. Today is Wednesday,  my dudes. I don’t watch Disney XD. I sent it off jumps cause YOLO.   Zombie shows are awesome.

Hope you liked my post,

Thanks for reading!


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